Get ready for the 2021 Google CTF

Are you ready for no sleep, no chill and a lot of hacking? Our annual Google CTF is back!

The competition kicks off on Saturday July 17 00:00:01 AM UTC and runs through Sunday July 18 23:59:59 UTC. Teams can register at http://goo.gle/ctf.

Just like last year, the top 16 teams will qualify for our Hackceler8 speed run and the chance to take home a total of $30,301.70 in prize money.

As we reminisce on last years event, we’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize our 2020 winning teams:

  • Plaid Parliament of Pwning
  • I Use Bing
  • pasten
  • The Flat Network Society

We are eager to see if they can defend their leet status. For those interested, we have published all 2020 Hackceler8 videos for your viewing pleasure here.

Whether you’re a seasoned CTF player or just curious about cyber security and ethical hacking, we want you to join us. Sign up to learn skills, meet new friends in the security community and even watch the pros in action. For the latest announcements, see g.co/ctf, subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on @GoogleVRP. See you there!

P.S. Curious about last year’s Google CTF challenges? We open-sourced them here.

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Kaylin Trychon

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