We scan, clean and protect your website from malware.

We scan your websites for vulnerabilities, clean and protect even your infected sites, using very powerful antivirus and advanced security tools. We offer virus removal, vulnerabilities, and firewall protection.


Removal of viruses from customers' sites (including removal of viruses from already compromised sites).


Daily scans for viruses and vulnerabilities; depending on the site or plan, we scan daily, weekly or monthly, every single file.


Vulnerability patching for your websites, as well as plugins and CMS updates. We can scan all major CMS based sites.


Our firewall automatically synchronizes with your websites and protects you from hackers and malware attacks, injections and more.


Manual investigation of security issues. No need to lift a finger or call us. We detect, investigate and eliminate threats.


We remove your websites from blacklists by having you site clean and submitting it to removal forms and search engines.

How does it work?

We scan your sites and automatically eliminate redirects, trojan horses, backdoors, shell scripts and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files, and even binary files.

We use our own antivirus databases and artificial intelligence to detect as many website viruses and threats as possible, and to precisely delete malicious code from your sites. This preserves the stability of your sites after automatic cleanup. We even clean sites that have already been hacked.

Get worry-free complete website cleanup and protection

Our software continuously scans for malware using our accurate anti-malware database; your site continues to run stable after cleanup. Malware removal takes a moment, not hours. Compatible with PHP-based websites and popular frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DLE, etc.

Our website antivirus does more than just find and remove infected files on your website or put them in quarantine, It removes malicious code (redirections, trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, and other malicious code) from files like PHP, JS, HTML, images, and system files in seconds with high accuracy.

Benefits of our service

99.87% detection rate

The best detection rate in the industry. It detects as many threats as possible, including new kinds of threats

100+ frameworks

Works with popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DLE, PrestaShop and others.

Incident reports

You will get incident reports and the measures that we took. So you can follow our recommendations.

10,000+ vulnerabilities

One-click detection and patching for thousands of known and zero-day vulnerabilities

No false positives

False positives rate — less than 0.0002%. You can always be certain that we won't mislead you

1000+ plug-ins

Thousands of vulnerable plug-ins and components are covered.

Safe cleanup

The industry's safest cleanup procedures ensure that your site will remain stable after cleanup

What technologies do we cover?

Anti-virus and anti-malware works on: Laravel FrameworkZend Framework, Laminas Project, CakePHP, Fat-Free Famework, Phalcon, Matomo, ownCloud, NextCloud and many many more technologies.

Web Security Agency can protect your open source ecommerce website created using: WooCommerce, OpenCart, CS.cart, PrestaShop, Magento, osCommerce, Drupal Commerce, CubeCart, X-Cart.

We work to provide you with the best antimalware protection service.

Additionally, our phenomenally low false-positive rate (less than 0.0002%) gives you greater peace of mind than you've ever experienced with any site antivirus solution. No matter what happens, we make automatic backups that can be restore in one click.

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