Antivirus protection, malware protection, web malware protection, vulnerabilities protection, hacking protection.

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This is not a software subscription, this is a service subscription.


We scan your websites for viruses and malware with a phenomenally low false positive rate and the safest cleanup rate in the industry.

We scan sites 24/7 and automatically remove redirects, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files and even binary files.

Upload our system connector

It takes 2 seconds to upload the file we provide.

Sync operation

Our connector file then syncs your website with our software.

Scanning begins

Scanning and cleaning begins right away, once our connector is detected.

What do we do, exactly?

Our service consists on helping website owners to keep their websites clean from malware, as well as to protect their websites from online threats XSS attacks, and SQL injections. It also mitigates DoS attacks and protects their sites from suspicious activity.

We have a number of security tools at our disposal, develop by our Virus Defense Team including website antivirus, a website firewall, a file manager editor, malicious code highlighting, and more. We do not have a CDN and do not filter web traffic through our servers.

Above all remember that this is a managed service, as in -we do the job for you- service.


This is how we scan, detect, clean

and block threats


Our security team does more than just find and remove infected files on your website or put them in quarantine. Using sophisticated tools we remove malicious code (redirects, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, and other malicious code) from files (PHP, JS, HTML, images, and system files) in seconds and with high accuracy. Your website will continue to run stably after the automated cleanup.

We use our own anti-malware database to have incredibly comprehensive and accurate malware detection.

This database is what we use to detect and remove malware (not just by deleting files, but also by removing malicious code fragments within files) from websites automatically and with high accuracy.

We aim to ensure that websites continue to work stably after automated cleanup.

We will automatically detect your CMS, upload the WAF (web application firewall) to your website, and begin protecting it automatically.

This is our workflow

We provide website security scans that lets us quickly fix all the security problems in your WordPress sites, Joomla sites, Drupal sites, DLE sites, and other popular content management systems, so we can automatically finds and clean up malware infections and prevent hacking.

Scheduled scans will ensure that your sites are clean at all times, so you don’t have to worry about returning to a site that has already been hacked or finding that a site is offline because it is being attacked from within.

Website Security Agency's service works 24/7 to keep your sites safe and secure. If a hacker tries to attack your site or infect it with malware, we will fix the problem before it can do any damage. This makes our service the best security protection solution available.

We support all kinds of websites, regardless of their type. For instance, we can scan any WordPress website, and it will pick up all the WordPress security issues that are otherwise not found by any other security tool. We can ensure that your WordPress websites are secure and not suffer malware infections.

Our security scanner works with both active malware and any current vulnerabilities. The scan is powered by the Virusdie antivirus software, which comes with industry-standard malware scanners, and delivers instant results.


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Antivirus protection, malware protection, web malware protection, vulnerabilities protection, hacking protection.